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Where I See You 

The dystopian fiction thriller novel follows an engaged couple, Elliot and Piper, who uproot their lives from Philadelphia to Palo Alto following a devastating car accident that leaves Piper paralyzed. Elliot accepts a job with Phoenix, a seven day trial virtual reality rehabilitation company, ensuring Piper's spot in the trial in exchange for valuable technology Elliot has devoted his career working on.

"Where I See You" follows the intertwined perspectives of Elliot and Piper––alternating between Piper's immersive experiences within the virtual reality program, where she undergoes the treatment in hopes of walking again, and Elliot's struggle to navigate the grim discoveries of the company's practices in the real world.

As they delve deeper into the seven day trial, both Elliot and Piper begin to unravel the sinister motives beneath its promising exterior. They discover that the company has hidden agendas and ulterior motives, endangering not only Piper's well-being but the lives of countless others as well. Together, they must confront the growing dangers posed by artificial intelligence and the pervasive influence of the company, fighting against time to free Piper from a web of deceit before it's too late.

"Where I See You" explores the ethics of erradicating disabilities, conditional relationships, resilience, the boundaries of technology, and the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. The timing of this novel is relevant and important because it serves as a warning for consuming ever-expanding technologies without considering the harmful implications of AI’s impact on our society. 

Mazie Daze

A half-hour dramedy series

Set on an island where ambition comes to die, teenagers flock from the tri-state area to spend their summers as ocean lifeguards. Only a few people do it for the gratification of saving lives, while most do it for the nights they’ll never forget (or, the ones they try really hard to piece together). A squad of six friends: Mazie, Alana, Megan, Hudson, Connor, and Johnny, navigate young adulthood while spending their long, hot days in the scorching sun on a wooden stand patrolling the water while tourists reveal themselves as kooks, perverts and New Yorkers. Their nights are spent barefoot and buzzed biking wherever the wind takes them. Then, they do it all over again the next morning––only having to sweat out the alcohol while rehashing the events from the night prior, and rumor chains travel down the beach faster than a whipping south wind. Most lifeguards live at the ramshackle lifeguard motel supplied by the township, where independence is more earned than their paychecks. Life feels euphoric in the bubble of the island, but one by one they learn that there’s a lot more to lose than just a stolen bike or keys lost in the sand. Mazie enters situations untouchable only to find that she’ll never return the same.

Or Forever Hold Your Peace

A feature length dramedy film, co-written with Andrew Hansen

Set in a small, rural barnyard town, two families, the affluent McCafferys and the less privileged Colemans, find themselves entangled in a wedding destined for chaos. Megan McCaffery, a wealthy and poised woman, is set to marry Spencer Coleman, a charming and kind-hearted chef. Despite their different upbringings, they believe their love can conquer all. However, a long-forgotten ancient Christian law, upheld only in this peculiar town, brings unexpected consequences when an objection is raised during the wedding ceremony.

According to the law, the couple must wait 24 hours before they can tie the knot in the church. This interruption unleashes a tempest of emotions, and the film delves into the lives of both families during this critical time, exposing their deep-seated secrets, long-held grudges, and buried animosities.

The focal point of the story is Peyton, a 23-year-old with an uncertain future, who babysits during the tumultuous day. As the 24-hour countdown begins, Peyton becomes an unexpected confidante and observer, uncovering the hidden vulnerabilities of the McCafferys and Colemans.

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