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"Where I See You is a powerhouse! Immersive and captivating, this novel propels readers through worlds both real and virtual with characters whose internal landscapes are traversed with care and ferocity. Conmy's work shimmers with thrilling cinematic possibilities as she draws readers into a story that is sure to astonish and surprise. Once you enter these narrative realms, you might never want to leave. . ."

—Rebbecca Brown, author of They Become Her and Anybody Home

From the contrasts between urban chaos and rural respite to the moral and ethical challenges in technological advancement’s promises and threats, Where I See You turns a dystopian setting into a personal stage for exploring relationships, feelings, and the process of self and the world ‘coming undone.’... Catherine Conmy’s exquisite interplay of dystopian background, change, and the process of absorbing and entering a new life makes Where I See You a thought-provoking read not only highly recommended for general library collections, but for book clubs seeking a redefinition of and new directions in what constitutes a dystopian scenario.

—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Where I See You is the highly anticipated debut novel of Catherine Conmy, tapping into the collective unease about advancing technologies and their effects on individuals, relationships, and society.

Piper Jones's picture-perfect life with fiancé Elliot is shattered when a tragic accident leaves her paralyzed.
Left with no options and repeatedly told she'll never walk again, Phoenix finds her. Desperate for hope, the couple puts all their trust into Phoenix, a seven-day virtual reality rehabilitation trial that has achieved unprecedented success.

The start of Piper's trial is idyllic—a utopia that promises health, safety, and recovery. However, as the layers of the company's secrets unravel, Piper and Elliot soon realize Dr. Allan Fritz and his tech giant Phoenix harbor ulterior motives beneath the surface.

Piper finds herself more of a prisoner of Phoenix than she is of her physical condition. The more she learns, the more dangerous it becomes for her. Now, she has to fight. Will the promises of virtual reality provide the key to reclaiming Piper and Elliot's dreams for the future?

First-time novelist and award-winning filmmaker Catherine Conmy takes you on a suspenseful journey through grief, doubt, and the unyielding forces of fate that will leave you bone-chilled and questioning humanity's growing dependence on technology.

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